Three classes of flipbooks (or "getting organized")

I kept sending links in e-mails to students for reference. Here’s the link for the data cleaning examples. Here’s the link for reshaping data. Here’s the link for ggplot basics. But would they actually be able to find these references again? Did I expect them to go through the jumble of emails I’d sent? Last quarter, I created a resources page for one of my classes, with a collection of the links that I’d sent and some visual cues to remind them of contents.

A detailed flipbooks origin story (a collection of tweets)

At the RStudio Conference in 2020, I was lucky enough to introduce the {flipbookr} package in a talk. Within the presentation I talked about the flipbooks “origin story”. But it felt really abbreviated. And for some time, I’ve wanted to recount some of the key moments in {flipbookr}’s history — before time slips by and I start forgetting details. And on that note, let’s begin! Don’t care much about the origin story, but are interested that flipbooks exist?