Data viz. Day one.

Obviously the circumstances are terrible, and tragic events are unfolding — now across the entire globe. Nevertheless, I’m teaching Data Visualization starting Monday. I am looking forward to this.

I’m just jotting some ideas down here – concepts to cover on day one of Data Visualization.

  1. Data Visualization - Tukey’s quotation…

  2. Grammar of Graphics

    • simple 3 components
    • history
    • more detail on the components
  3. Example, what is a pie chart…

  4. Discussion: Among the components, what is the hero of data viz. What is the great communicator?

  5. Hadley’s quotation - transferable skill…

  6. Point to ponder: Are you more of a “glamour of graphics” person or a “grammar of graphics” person.

  7. Intro to R and RStudio - console and Rmarkdown

  8. Intro to Tableau Desktop Public Edition

  9. Next week: What is a figure that has made an impact on you? Articulate why…

Evangeline Reynolds
Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor

My research interests include international institutions, causal inference, data visualization, and computational social science and pedagogy.